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CodeWP is an AI code generator built and trained specifically for WordPress. Modes for PHP, JS, WooCommerce and many popular plugins. No more expensive developers, or tedious StackOverflow searches. Prompt, test, and install.
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You can now prompt CodeWP in 11+ languages, generate using 12+ modes, and share snippets everywhere.
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🤖 Meet CodeWP

Enhance Your WordPress Workflow With AI

Leverage CodeWP's proprietary AI modes to quickly generate code snippets for WordPress.

Prompt CodeWP For Anything WordPress

Ask the generator to help with anything, and it will create something for you.
-> Help create WP_Queries efficiently
-> Generate functions of all types
-> Hook into WooCommerce filters and actions
-> Create complex workflows based off ACF values
+ Unlimited other possibilities (see examples)

No More Annoying Google Searches and Trial and Error

Goodbye trial and error, broken websites, or StackOverflow. If you're not a developer, think of CodeWP as a helpful mentor. If you are, get ready to maximize your efficiency.

Save, Export and Share Snippets

Save all of your generations. Export them in JSON format, ready for popular code snippet plugins, functions.php, your theme, or other implementation. Share publicly or with specific users.

& Multilingual Support

Basic support on free plans, optional DeepL translation on paid.
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Code Modes

An AI Trained Specifically For WordPress

We trained CodeWP on WordPress and WooCommerce PHP examples, JS and jQuery. Soon, we'll support popular plugins like Elementor, Learndash and The Events Calendar (to name a few). And, it's constantly learning and giving you better generations.
📕 The Library

Snippets and Solutions

A massive libarary of snippets and solutions, verified to work by the CodeWP team. And dozens of professionally written tutorials as well.
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