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Bricks Builder

note This mode is currently in public beta testing and will be generally available soon.

Bricks Builder enables you to create custom WordPress sites visually with unmatched speed and flexibility. With CodeWP, you can leverage chat and code to customize Bricks Builder for your needs.

The chat mode provides guidance on using Bricks core features, manipulating data tags, using filters, and extending the API. You can understand how to build complex layouts, integrate data, and customize Bricks.

The code mode generates working PHP snippets to create custom tags, implement logic with filters, integrate APIs, manipulate rendered output, and tailor Bricks Builder behavior.


CodeWP offers an AI assistant for explanations, automated code generation, verified snippets library, and tutorials to customize sites built with Bricks Builder.




The Bricks Builder Mode comes with a number of presets that can be used to quickly generate code for common tasks. These presets are designed to be used as a starting point for your snippet/plugin generation while generating Code.
Custom Element
Generate custom elements, with support for nesting.
Dynamic Data
Register a new dynamic tag to show any data from WordPress.
Custom Visibility
Show specific elements based on various conditions.
We expect to add more presets in the future. Have a request? Let us know!

Example Prompts, Packages, and Snippets

AI Prompt Examples for Bricks Builder
Example prompt ideas for this CodeWP AI mode.
modify the Bricks dynamic data tag "Post Date" to customize the date format? Please provide a code snippet
code to remove the header and footer on specific Bricks pages
conditionally show certain Bricks rows if a user is logged in
The CodeWP conversational chat mode enables intuitive assistance with customizing any aspect of Bricks Builder sites. You can ask how to create custom data tags, implement conditional logic with filters, manipulate rendered HTML, extend the API, integrate with WordPress plugins, and more. Simply describe what you want to achieve in plain language and CodeWP will provide tailored Bricks code snippets, in-depth explanations, and expert guidance to accomplish your goals. The natural language interface makes it easy to learn best practices and implement precise customizations for your Bricks projects.
This mode is only available for pro and agency plans.
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Getting Started

To get started with the Bricks Builder Mode, simply select the Bricks Builder Mode from the dropdown menu in the Code and Chat UIs. You can then begin generating code or asking questions.

You can also select Bricks Builder Mode on the "Create New" screen.
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