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Carbon Fields

Carbon Fields is a developer-focused library for custom fields and metaboxes in WordPress. With CodeWP's Carbon Fields mode, you get an AI assistant specialized in extending Carbon Fields implementations.

The conversational interface offers ample guidance on registering field groups, attaching fields, saving data, validation, blocks, hooks and filters. CodeWP produces tailored Carbon Fields code for your specific customization needs.

Whether you need help grasping a concept or want to immediately implement an advanced customization, CodeWP provides the fastest path to Carbon Fields mastery. The AI assistant enables unparalleled insight through natural conversation while delivering ready-to-use code on demand.


CodeWP offers an AI assistant for explanations, automated code generation, verified snippets library, and tutorials to build custom field solutions using Carbon Fields.



Example Prompts, Packages, and Snippets

AI Prompt Examples for Carbon Fields
Example prompt ideas for this CodeWP AI mode.
save Carbon Fields data to a custom table when a post is published
validate a Carbon Fields email field on the frontend before submission
populate a Carbon Fields relationship field dynamically based on user input
The conversational CodeWP chat mode enables intuitive assistance with any aspect of Carbon Fields. You can ask how to register custom field groups, attach fields to WordPress entities, implement validation and conditional logic, customize data saving, leverage hooks and filters, build Gutenberg blocks, and more. Simply describe what you want to accomplish in plain language and CodeWP will provide tailored Carbon Fields code snippets, detailed explanations, and guidance to meet your needs. The natural language interface makes it easy to learn best practices and implement precise customizations.
This mode is available for all plans.
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Getting Started

To get started with the Carbon Fields Mode, simply select the Carbon Fields Mode from the dropdown menu in the Code and Chat UIs. You can then begin generating code or asking questions.

You can also select Carbon Fields Mode on the "Create New" screen.
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