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note This mode is currently in public beta testing and will be generally available soon.

Breakdance is a fast, lightweight website builder for WordPress that enables drag-and-drop creation of custom page layouts. With its user-friendly interface, pre-built elements, and responsive design, Breakdance makes it easy for anyone to build professional websites.

For developers, Breakdance provides ample opportunity to customize the builder experience through code. You can create custom elements, implement conditional display logic, manipulate rendered output, integrate third-party data, and tap into an API for advanced functionality.

The CodeWP Breakdance mode provides AI-guided explanations for tailoring Breakdance sites along with on-demand code generation. You can understand how to register elements, leverage hooks, create dynamic tags, and fully extend the platform's capabilities through PHP snippets produced by CodeWP.

Between the conversational guidance to learn best practices and automated code generation to immediately implement them, CodeWP provides the fastest path to mastering Breakdance customization and creating tailored client sites. By collaborating with an AI expert, you gain unmatched insight into the inner workings of Breakdance through an intuitive natural language interface.


CodeWP offers an AI assistant for explanations, automated code generation, verified snippets library, and tutorials to customize sites built with Breakdance.




The Breakdance Mode comes with a number of presets that can be used to quickly generate code for common tasks. These presets are designed to be used as a starting point for your snippet/plugin generation while generating Code.
Element Display Conditions
Create new Element Display Conditions for Breakdance.
Form Submission Handlers
Register new Form Submission Handlers for Breakdance.
We expect to add more presets in the future. Have a request? Let us know!

Example Prompts, Packages, and Snippets

AI Prompt Examples for Breakdance
Example prompt ideas for this CodeWP AI mode.
Hook that hides certain elements on blog archive pages
Custom Breakdance element rendering a WordPress post grid
Integrate custom post meta into Breakdance
The conversational CodeWP chat mode enables intuitive assistance with any aspect of Breakdance customization. You can ask how to build custom elements, leverage hooks, display dynamic data, manipulate rendered output, create custom CSS, and more. Simply describe what you want to achieve in plain language and CodeWP will provide tailored Breakdance code snippets, detailed explanations, and guidance to meet your needs. The natural language interface makes it easy to learn best practices and implement precise customizations for your Breakdance sites.
This mode is only available for pro and agency plans.
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Getting Started

To get started with the Breakdance Mode, simply select the Breakdance Mode from the dropdown menu in the Code and Chat UIs. You can then begin generating code or asking questions.

You can also select Breakdance Mode on the "Create New" screen.
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