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April 20, 2024

Separation of Chat and Code UIs

In version 2.8, we release several important bug fixes and improvements. On the UI side of things, we separate the Code and Chat UIs, which should serve to streamline the platform, while making it more intuitive.

We've also reworked conversation settings. These settings are now specific to the Code Package, and apply to any generation made within that package.

Old Conversation Settings

Previously, settings to tailor the AI output were managed under the conversation itself.

New Package Settings

With 2.8, these settings are moved to a package. This is easier to understand and manage.

As a refresher, in version 2.7, we removed support for single snippets. You can still make single files, but they will now always be within a package for easy organization, settings, and export.

March 6, 2024

AI based testing flow

Version 2.6 introduces a complete testing flow, leveraging the Preview feature and a custom Troubleshooting / Bugfix AI.

Improvements and Fixes
  • Addition of Testing Tab, flow, popup, and edit type.
  • Plugin bugfixes to pre install dependent plugins, make snippet error / activation more clear, and improve performance.
  • More efficient context packages to further improve accuracy and speed.
  • Small bugfixes.
February 27, 2024

(Major Update) Complete Refactor; Better AI, Edits and Classification

CodeWP v2.5: The best release yet. All previous limitations overcome in this major update.

Please read our blog post for more information: CodeWP 2.5 - A major update with improved AI, better edits, automated testing, and website integration

Improvements and Fixes

Stability Issues Resolved

We have completely redesigned the architecture for data transfer between the backend and frontend of our platform to enhance stability.

New AI Models Deployed

We have implemented major upgrades to our AI models, which were delayed until this infrastructure overhaul was completed. Users can now expect up to 3x faster response times, 2x improvement in accuracy, better comprehension of requests, and more natural conversations.

New Editing System

The systems for both AI and human editing on the frontend have been re-engineered. Requests are formatted appropriately to unlock superior comprehension and responses from models. Edits seamlessly support appending, prepending, modifying within existing code, and even creating new files.

Edits now directly update the frontend editor in real-time, resolving a small but persistent issue where users would not see edits reflected without refreshing.

Improved Classification

Classifications have been upgraded by utilizing a larger parameter AI model and additional training data accumulated over months of our previous classification system. The improved integration with the conversational flow enables more user-guided actions, with the classifier able to suggest potential file creations while allowing the user to decide on application.

Unlocked Advanced Modes and Presets

The upgraded infrastructure and AI unlock more advanced modes and presets that were previously restricted. Expect several major feature releases in the coming weeks and months.

Helper Plugin Foundation

The refactor establishes backend systems to process context data from our upcoming helper plugin, which can be applied when chatting or generating code for connected projects.

January 16, 2024

Fork Snippets, UI and UX Improvements

CodeWP 2.4 is a "minor" release packing in some quality of life features, and many UI and UX improvements throughout the platform.

Improvements and Fixes

Forking Snippets

We have added the ability to fork both public and private snippets. Forking creates an easy-to-access copy of the code in the code workspace editor, allowing you to conversationally edit the snippet to suit your specific needs.

Other Updates

  • We have standardized the styling and positioning of all pop outs across the editor for consistency.
  • There is now a convenient link in the editor sidebar to directly open the snippet view.
  • The snippet view has been made more responsive for an improved experience on all devices.
  • The chatbot now suggests 'seed prompts' if no messages have been sent.
  • For shorter screens, modes and presets have been moved to more accessible locations in the chatbox.
  • Improvements were made to the onboarding tour targeting system to reduce errors.
  • Groundwork has been laid for the upcoming 2.5 release and code refactoring.
  • Dozens of other front and backend bugs have been fixed to enhance performance and usage.
December 13, 2023

Social Sharing, Snippet Upgrades

Excited to announce the CodeWP v2.3 Release. There's a lot packed into this, but the main focus was on Social Sharing updates.

Improvements and Fixes

Social Sharing

  • AI titles: For any snippet set to "public" (which means anybody with the link can access them) our AI will automatically generate a Title and Description. You can always edit these if needed.
  • FAQs: Public snippets now also get AI generated FAQs, which are surprisingly helpful! They'll tell you and whoever you've shared a snippet with how to install, modify, etc...
  • Commenting: Commenting has been added to snippets. You can use this feature internally on private snippets for notes, or publicly to share your thoughts and ask questions.
  • Better sharing flow: We've made slight improvements to the process of sharing a snippet to make the flow a bit easier to handle.
  • Sharing Images: We've created detailed sharing images, which are dynamically created. When you share a snippet on FB, X or another network, this image will provide a detailed overview of what the snippet does.

We're excited to begin using this feature ourselves to start sharing dozens of Code Snippets in the Facebook Group. We'll be getting started next week by sharing a few that replace the need for several paid WooCommerce extensions.

If you're not a member of the group, join here:

Other Notable Changes / Additions

  • Move to app.codewp.ai domain. There's no change to you as redirects are in place. Public snippets will be continue to be shared under the primary codewp.ai domain.
  • Multi File: Addition of JSON, which allows for more complex packages like ACF blocks.
  • Conversation Settings (several new options): Read the band new help center article for more info about each.
  • Ability to add new files in an open package via the File Tabs. Now it's MUCH quicker to make packages manually, or expand existing ones.
  • Slight UI changes to the editor experience.
  • Filter functionality for snippets - easily view only Favorited snippets.
  • Additional tooltips to make more aspects of the platform more clear.
  • Complete onboarding tour for new users.
  • Office hours - chat with James the Founder of CodeWP every Friday. Click the Help and Support tab, then the Office Hours link to schedule a time slot.
  • Stability improvements.

Get Excited!

Since our launch, we've been working on some major AI and backend improvements that result in 3x speed, better accuracy, and improved stability. We're planning on rolling these changes out soon as an unversioned release. Generations, edits, presets classifications, and most aspects of our AI will improve!


💚 Thank you for using CodeWP!

November 29, 2023

Presets Upgrades, Onboarding & Tooltips

CodeWP 2.2 brings some major improvements and enhancements to the platform. This update focuses on stability, reliability, and giving our users more control over the assistant's behavior.

Improvements and Fixes

New Features:

    • Backend improvements to Presets, resulting in more accurate multi-file generations (first steps towards one prompt Gutenberg Blocks and Pagebuilder Widgets)
    • Tooltips throughout the platform to help users better understand features.
    • New file detection mode analyzes prompts and automatically generates relevant plugin, theme, or template files
    • Added ability to fully customize assistant responses in the platform backend
    • Implemented package publishing to allow sharing groups of files or full projects


    • Improved canceling of code generation streams to prevent wasted actions after canceling

    • Added controls for auto file generation and model selection per conversation

    • Increased relevance of context documents retrieved for prompts with stricter filtering rules

    • Various UI/UX refinements including top banner alerts, lighter editor themes, and tweaked onboarding

Stability & Performance:

    • Fixed multiple issues causing failed requests or errors during normal usage flows

    • Hardened reliability of file saving, uploading, and packaging mechanisms

    • Optimized chunking methods to prevent oversized generations overflowing capacity

    • Improved stability of server-side presets and background processing jobs

October 30, 2023

AI Improvements & Better Stability

CodeWP 2.1 brings a host of powerful new capabilities and improvements to our AI-powered WordPress code generation platform. This release focuses on enhancing stability, performance, and ease-of-use to provide a smoother and more effective coding experience for WordPress professionals.

The team closed a stunning 300+ issues in this release, implementing improvements from user suggestions, backend improvements, and more.

There's a lot on the way, and you can track roadmap progress here. Get excited for AI vision, a built in testing suite and dozens of improvements to the account area, package creation, and more. Want to get a sneak peak at upcoming features, modes and presets? Opt into the Public Beta Testing program via your account page.

Improvements and Fixes

New Features:

  • File search now limits results to open editor files for more relevance
  • Added ability to rename files directly within the editor
  • Improved UI with slimmed down file tabs and standardized focus styles


  • Editor now automatically focuses the input box for quicker coding
  • Streaming assistant updated for live progress indicators and smoother scrolling
  • Backend optimized for stability improvements across platforms

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed various error messages that could display info unrelated to CodeWP
  • Fixed file persistence issues when closing and reopening the editor
  • Patched problems with UI overflow in certain sidebar and file tab layouts
  • Squashed bugs related to operating system dark mode detection

With a stronger architecture and sharper assistive abilities, CodeWP 2.1 brings your AI coding sidekick to new heights. We can't wait for you to try it out and experience the next evolution of our platform!

October 19, 2023

New Chat-first UI & Associated Features

  • Added a new conversational chat interface that allows users to ask questions, get code explanations, and more using CodeWP's AI assistant Cloudy.
  • Cloudy is customized for WordPress, with advanced knowledge of core functions, best practices, popular plugins and themes.
  • Users can ask Cloudy complex questions about WordPress, plugins, themes, troubleshooting issues, etc.
  • Cloudy can also generate code snippets directly within the chat interface.
  • Includes AI Vision features like accessibility and conversion optimization scans (limited beta access).
Improvements and Fixes
  • Conversational chat interface for asking WordPress questions and explaining code
  • CodeWP's AI assistant Cloudy, customized for WordPress and plugins
  • Ability to ask complex questions about WordPress core, plugins, themes, troubleshooting etc.
  • Generate code snippets directly within the chat
  • AI Vision features like accessibility and conversion optimization scans (limited beta access)
  • More accurate than ChatGPT for WordPress queries
  • Advanced knowledge of WordPress core, popular plugins/themes, functions, best practices etc.
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