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November 29, 2023


Presets Upgrades, Onboarding & Tooltips

CodeWP 2.2 brings some major improvements and enhancements to the platform. This update focuses on stability, reliability, and giving our users more control over the assistant's behavior.

Improvements and Fixes

New Features:

    • Backend improvements to Presets, resulting in more accurate multi-file generations (first steps towards one prompt Gutenberg Blocks and Pagebuilder Widgets)
    • Tooltips throughout the platform to help users better understand features.
    • New file detection mode analyzes prompts and automatically generates relevant plugin, theme, or template files
    • Added ability to fully customize assistant responses in the platform backend
    • Implemented package publishing to allow sharing groups of files or full projects


    • Improved canceling of code generation streams to prevent wasted actions after canceling

    • Added controls for auto file generation and model selection per conversation

    • Increased relevance of context documents retrieved for prompts with stricter filtering rules

    • Various UI/UX refinements including top banner alerts, lighter editor themes, and tweaked onboarding

Stability & Performance:

    • Fixed multiple issues causing failed requests or errors during normal usage flows

    • Hardened reliability of file saving, uploading, and packaging mechanisms

    • Optimized chunking methods to prevent oversized generations overflowing capacity

    • Improved stability of server-side presets and background processing jobs

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