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February 27, 2024


(Major Update) Complete Refactor; Better AI, Edits and Classification

CodeWP v2.5: The best release yet. All previous limitations overcome in this major update.

Please read our blog post for more information: CodeWP 2.5 - A major update with improved AI, better edits, automated testing, and website integration

Improvements and Fixes

Stability Issues Resolved

We have completely redesigned the architecture for data transfer between the backend and frontend of our platform to enhance stability.

New AI Models Deployed

We have implemented major upgrades to our AI models, which were delayed until this infrastructure overhaul was completed. Users can now expect up to 3x faster response times, 2x improvement in accuracy, better comprehension of requests, and more natural conversations.

New Editing System

The systems for both AI and human editing on the frontend have been re-engineered. Requests are formatted appropriately to unlock superior comprehension and responses from models. Edits seamlessly support appending, prepending, modifying within existing code, and even creating new files.

Edits now directly update the frontend editor in real-time, resolving a small but persistent issue where users would not see edits reflected without refreshing.

Improved Classification

Classifications have been upgraded by utilizing a larger parameter AI model and additional training data accumulated over months of our previous classification system. The improved integration with the conversational flow enables more user-guided actions, with the classifier able to suggest potential file creations while allowing the user to decide on application.

Unlocked Advanced Modes and Presets

The upgraded infrastructure and AI unlock more advanced modes and presets that were previously restricted. Expect several major feature releases in the coming weeks and months.

Helper Plugin Foundation

The refactor establishes backend systems to process context data from our upcoming helper plugin, which can be applied when chatting or generating code for connected projects.

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