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December 13, 2023


Social Sharing, Snippet Upgrades

Excited to announce the CodeWP v2.3 Release. There's a lot packed into this, but the main focus was on Social Sharing updates.

Improvements and Fixes

Social Sharing

  • AI titles: For any snippet set to "public" (which means anybody with the link can access them) our AI will automatically generate a Title and Description. You can always edit these if needed.
  • FAQs: Public snippets now also get AI generated FAQs, which are surprisingly helpful! They'll tell you and whoever you've shared a snippet with how to install, modify, etc...
  • Commenting: Commenting has been added to snippets. You can use this feature internally on private snippets for notes, or publicly to share your thoughts and ask questions.
  • Better sharing flow: We've made slight improvements to the process of sharing a snippet to make the flow a bit easier to handle.
  • Sharing Images: We've created detailed sharing images, which are dynamically created. When you share a snippet on FB, X or another network, this image will provide a detailed overview of what the snippet does.

We're excited to begin using this feature ourselves to start sharing dozens of Code Snippets in the Facebook Group. We'll be getting started next week by sharing a few that replace the need for several paid WooCommerce extensions.

If you're not a member of the group, join here:

Other Notable Changes / Additions

  • Move to app.codewp.ai domain. There's no change to you as redirects are in place. Public snippets will be continue to be shared under the primary codewp.ai domain.
  • Multi File: Addition of JSON, which allows for more complex packages like ACF blocks.
  • Conversation Settings (several new options): Read the band new help center article for more info about each.
  • Ability to add new files in an open package via the File Tabs. Now it's MUCH quicker to make packages manually, or expand existing ones.
  • Slight UI changes to the editor experience.
  • Filter functionality for snippets - easily view only Favorited snippets.
  • Additional tooltips to make more aspects of the platform more clear.
  • Complete onboarding tour for new users.
  • Office hours - chat with James the Founder of CodeWP every Friday. Click the Help and Support tab, then the Office Hours link to schedule a time slot.
  • Stability improvements.

Get Excited!

Since our launch, we've been working on some major AI and backend improvements that result in 3x speed, better accuracy, and improved stability. We're planning on rolling these changes out soon as an unversioned release. Generations, edits, presets classifications, and most aspects of our AI will improve!


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