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CodeWP has launched a major update to its AI-powered WordPress coding and chat platform, offering new features like conversational coding, improved WordPress-specific AI, and plans tailored for individuals, teams, and agencies. The company promises continuous improvements and innovations that bring the future of WordPress development today.
Published: October 18, 2023
Founder & CEO
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AI Tools For WordPress Creators
Code, learn, troubleshoot, and secure WordPress sites with the CodeWP platform and our custom AI.
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Nearly one year ago, James LePage, founder of CodeWP, built a simple platform to help people generate code for WordPress using AI. Launched as a side project in November 2022, it rapidly grew in popularity and user base organically.

As CodeWP's usage grew, James went all in, bringing on Greg Hunt as CTO and other development, design, and marketing resources. CodeWP also completed a funding round with participation from Calm Fund and several WordPress industry angels.

The team began planning a new CodeWP - not just a platform for code generation, but a suite of AI tools for all types of WordPress creators. The goal was to become the leading AI company in the WordPress industry by building the best proprietary AI models and platform.

After approximately 5 months of dedicated work, we're proud to have exceeded that goal with the new CodeWP v2.0. It offers Chat, Code, Troubleshoot (alpha access), and Secure (coming soon), leveraging cutting-edge AI research tailored specifically for WordPress by industry veterans.

Here are some of the most impressive things that the new CodeWP can do.

  • Conversationally generate complete plugins from one single language prompt.
  • Leverage plugin specific modes for the most accurate, up-to-date generations.
  • Chat with an AI bot specifically trained for WordPress. Easily learn based
  • (Soon) Use CodeWP Vision to connect a realtime stream of the frontend of your WordPress site, and chat with the AI to get relevant suggestions, and accurate code snippets.
  • (Soon) Conversationally troubleshoot your WordPress site. Get automatic suggestions on how to resolve PHP warnings and Fatal Errors as they occur by leveraging the CodeWP Helper Plugin.

Main Use Cases


Staying true to our roots, we've dramatically improved the coding capabilities on our platform. Not only have we completely reimagined our proprietary AI from the ground up to generate the most up-to-date, accurate, secure WordPress code, but we've also pioneered a conversational coding interface. To our knowledge, no other platform offers an experience like this.

By integrating a built-in code editor with a conversational assistant beside it, you can speak to CodeWP as if instructing a professional WordPress developer to write code. CodeWP will then generate, edit, or explain code within the editor. Use this to produce new code or edit existing code by pasting it in.

Everything is done conversationally. CodeWP understands the context of messages and open files, generating anything from simple snippets to complex multi-file plugins.

The AI also adapts and improves over time based on individual usage, resulting in even more accurate generations.

As you'll see next, toggling between coding and chatting is seamless. You can even maintain conversation history to quickly get deeper explanations of how code works in a more conversational interface.


We've added a new chat feature powered by our proprietary WordPress-specific AI that goes head-to-head with ChatGPT. Our generations are much more accurate and relevant for WordPress. Use the chatbot to learn and research as if speaking to a 24/7 WordPress expert. For example, provide requirements and get plugin recommendations.

You can also use this mode to begin generating code. For instance, after working in CodeWP to explore potential solutions for a roadblock, determine coding may be the best approach. In chat mode, CodeWP can generate the beginnings of a WordPress plugin. Easily hover over the inline code block from the conversation and make it a snippet with one click. Then leverage the more powerful coding interface to continue generating.

With direct integration with WordPress sites, ask questions like "How can I improve my front-end loading times?" and "Are there any redundant plugins?" With the CodeWP helper plugin, connect directly to a WordPress site.

Troubleshooting WordPress can be difficult despite helpful plugins like Query Monitor and the built-in debug log. It's even worse with a fatal error on a production site from an auto-update or unknown cause.

Now, use AI to conversationally fix issues on your WordPress site. CodeWP understands active plugins, your server environment, and more through the helper plugin. It can offer relevant suggestions. In the future, we'll extend this to automatically identify errors and notify you of fixes.

Core Features

Generative AI

Above all, we are an AI company, and AI powers every feature of our platform. You'll be able to access proprietary WordPress models trained on WordPress, WooCommerce, and nearly 20 million lines of code examples tailored for WordPress. Leverage the AI in both chat and code capabilities.

Files, Packages

When generating code specifically, you'll be able to create single file snippets as well as multi-file packages that can be exported as plugins and themes. We plan to continue improving multi-file generation capabilities moving forward.


Projects are an important platform feature, enabling generations tailored to specific WordPress sites. Not only can you customize generations on the platform, but also connect directly to a WordPress site using a helper plugin. This offers our AI more information like your server environment, active plugins, PHP version, etc. for more accurate answers. It also unlocks many conversational features within chat mode.

New Pricing


We're sticking with our free plan, offering anybody access to our platform and powerful WordPress-specific AI. The free plan gives casual users the leading AI product plus more perks. For example, if you only bump into issues on personal sites occasionally, this plan is perfect. When you're ready for pro features that genuinely enhance professional workflows, consider upgrading.


Pro unlocks powerful features, all AI modes, and makes the platform virtually unlimited. Compared to the free plan, you get access to 10,000 monthly actions.

You also get professional features like external context, various code and conversation settings, AI Vision (now in beta testing), and more.


The Agency plan is finally available after months of testing on the previous and current platforms. It brings powerful collaboration features and multiple seats for a single payment. If you need multiple people, this is the most cost-effective option per seat.

Try It Out!

The new platform is now publicly available, replacing version 1.0. Existing users can log in with their account credentials. New users can register and start generating code and chat in under a minute.

A Lot On The Way

Over the next couple weeks, expect several updates with helpful new features and AI additions. We have a solid pipeline of continuous updates planned for the foreseeable future.

The first releases will be improvements to the Presets feature. This is a powerful feature, which already helps create repeatable generations for standard coding tasks. There are a lot of things to improve (which we couldn't fit into the launch) like better support for multiple files.

When these improvements launch, you'll be able to create native Gutenberg block in minutes, guided with questions by CodeWP!

Then, keep an eye out for a built in testing suite, powered by WP Playground. Generate code, click test, and have a fully functional version of WordPress launched in your browser, with your snippet / plugin already installed.

We're also excited to make conversational troubleshooting generally available to users over the next few weeks.

We've started on our AI security offering, providing much better protection than legacy solutions. It will actively search for exploits on your WordPress site like a professional security tester, notifying you when found. Early next year, we also hope to launch our WordPress agent that can autonomously complete tasks on your site.

For agency customers, we'll keep extending the agency plan with more collaboration, custom AI, custom modes, and more to arm your team and clients with next-gen tools.

With the v2.0 launch, we lay the foundation for powerful new features only possible through the complete rewrite over the past months. We're thrilled to bring you the future of WordPress today and will keep pushing innovation.

As a small WordPress team, we are tremendously grateful for the support, interest, and enthusiasm for AI in our industry. A huge thank you for your support - we built this for you based on your recommendations and suggestions. We hope you enjoy the new platform!

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James LePage
Founder & CEO
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James LePage is an entrepreneur and founder of CodeWP, an AI platform for WordPress creators. With nearly a decade of experience founding startups and leading development agencies, James is focused on leveraging AI research and natural language processing to build smart solutions that make WordPress website creation efficient. As founder of CodeWP, James is dedicated to eliminating tedious developer searches and expensive hiring so anyone can build complex WordPress solutions easily. His technical expertise and passion for innovation drive CodeWP’s mission to serve WordPress creators globally with advanced AI capabilities.

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