9 Best AI Plugins to Generate Images on WordPress - May 2024

The 9 best AI image generator plugins for WordPress make it easy to create stunning visuals for your site without design skills - just describe what you want and powerful AI will generate it.
Published: October 27, 2023
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AI continues to wow us with writing content. 

But guess what? It’s also getting better at generating images, from interactive infographics to hyper-realistic images. 

That’s mind-blowing!

And for all our WordPress enthusiasts out there, we've got some good news. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best AI plugins that will help you generate stunning images right on your editor. The great thing is, you don’t need to have artistic skills or purchase expensive software to elevate your content.

So, if you're as excited as we are, read on! 

Best AI Image Generator Plugins - Price Comparison

PluginOffers a free version?PriceRating
ImajinnYesStarts at $9 per month5/5
Flusso AIYesNo information4.3/5
AI EngineYesStarts at $49 per year4.9/5
Elementor AIFree trial availableStarts at $35.88 per year4.6/5
AI PowerYesStarts at $9.99 per month4.6/5
AI Image ProNoLicense costs $495/5
AiBud WPYesStarts at $5 per month4.3/5
iList ProYesStarts at $24 per year4.4/5
Block DiffusionYes$0.01 per image5/5

Best AI Plugins to Generate Images - Our Top Picks

1) Imajinn

Best for transforming simple prompts into artistic images

Image 22

If you love DALL-E, you’ll be thrilled with Imajinn’s features, as this plugin brings somewhat similar image generation capabilities right to your WordPress editor.

Generate captivating images for any topic using just your imagination. Simply enter a description and Imajinn will create an image directly within your post or page. 

The highlight of this plugin is the 'Prompt Genie' feature which transforms boring prompts into artistic images. It also offers a touchup mode for precise image modifications. 

Imajinn uses powerful cloud servers to ensure high-quality and speedy image generation. With unlimited user and site access, it's a versatile tool for any WordPress user.

Overall, we were impressed by its ability to produce images that rival real photos and artworks. These generated images are royalty-free so you don’t have to worry about licensing issues. 

Key Features:

  • Generates images within the Gutenberg editor
  • Upscale and save images to the WordPress media library
  • Prompt Genie feature transforms simple prompts into artistic images
  • Offers style presets to customize generated images
  • Touchup feature can remove objects from an image
  • Uses A100 cloud GPUs for fast and high-quality image generation
  • Single license can be connected to an unlimited number of sites 


  • All images generated are royalty-free
  • Generates images that are indistinguishable from real photos and art
  • You can connect without the need for confusing API keys


  • Some users report that there might be a limit on free image generation
  • There might be a learning curve to generate the perfect image prompts

2) Flusso AI

Best all-in-one AI tool for generating images and copy

Image 23

Want to leverage OpenAI for content creation? Then you might want to consider Flusso AI.

Flusso AI is a notable plugin designed for WordPress users. You can create images, generate compelling content for your blog posts, or even write product descriptions for your Woocommerce. It’s also integrated within the Gutenberg editor, allowing you to manipulate words, add keywords, or even set the tone of voice without leaving the platform.

To activate Flusso AI on WordPress, simply add your OpenAI Secret Key. Just keep in mind that OpenAI’s free trial is limited to $5 worth of credit. After three months, you’ll need to pay a premium plan to continue using the service. 

Key Features:

  • Generates images with DALL-E
  • Easily creates variations of images
  • Supports generation of images for WooCommerce products
  • Access plugin functionalities directly from the paragraph blocks
  • Transcribes audio files using OpenAI’s Whisper model
  • Assigns sentiment scores for comments and posts


  • You can create images and modify content with AI
  • Generates unique featured images and creates variations
  • Great for users with an e-commerce store


  • Dependency on OpenAI Secret Key
  • Some users report errors in the output

3) AI Engine

Best for generating SEO-optimized images

Image 24

AI Engine is a versatile plugin for WordPress that offers a range of AI-powered features. Its highlight is the chatbot-like capability right within your dashboard. It can assist you in real time, whether you’re optimizing your content or writing product descriptions.

Beyond chat assistance, AI Engine also stands out with its image generation capability. Not only can you generate images based on text prompts but also have the flexibility to choose from three distinct templates. Once an image is generated, it can be easily integrated into a post with relevant titles, captions, and alternative text. 

Moreover, the plugin allows for direct uploads to the WordPress media gallery or even offline downloads. The Playground tab is an added bonus where you can craft custom code for your WordPress site. 

But just like Flusso, you’ll need an OpenAI account to harness the full features of AI Engine. 

Key Features:

  • Supports models like GPT-3, GPT-4, DaVinci, and Babbage
  • Integrates an image creation bot right into the website
  • Provides three default image style templates
  • Allows users to edit generated images
  • Allows up to 9 image iterations at a time
  • Users can set the title, caption, description, and alt text to optimize images
  • Can add or download images directly to WordPress’s media library


  • You can create your own chatbot or custom use cases
  • You can train the AI to make it better at specific tasks
  • Comes with built-in statistics so you can monitor your OpenAI usage


  • Users need their own API key to use the plugin
  • Some users report conflicts with other plugins

4) Elementor AI

Best AI image generator with extensive editing options

Image 25

Elementor is well-known for its intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create appealing and functional websites with ease.

Its latest addition, Elementor AI, further streamlines the design process. You can automate repetitive tasks, generate content, and even create relevant images.

With this plugin, you can generate custom CSS code to create unique effects without any coding knowledge. For instance, you can turn an image semi-transparent when you hover over it. You can also use the Remove Background Tool to add transparent backgrounds on images. 

Other image editing features include extending images, creating variations, adjusting resolution, and replacing image backgrounds. 

If you’re looking for a page builder with a comprehensive suite of tools, Elementor is the way to go.

Key Features:

  • Generate, edit, and refine images within the editor
  • Expands the images by filling in the edges
  • Produces different variations of a given image
  • Users can edit the image resolution or dimensions
  • Allows users to remove or change an image’s background
  • Users can add custom CSS for animations and visual effects
  • Supports writing content and checking spelling and grammar


  • You can generate images and text within the Elementor page builder
  • Creates backgrounds, 3D images, and other image types
  • You can modify the image’s style or aspect ratio based on prompts


  • You might notice imperfections in images of people
  • Vague instructions will not yield the desired image outcome

5) AI Power

Best for seamless integration with WooCommerce

Image 26

AI Power integrates advanced technologies like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and DaVinci for generating content and images. 

We find AI Power a valuable addition to your WordPress toolkit for several reasons. First, you can generate customizable images through OpenAI’s DALL-E. If you’re writing a blog, you can leverage the AI to produce a catchy featured image.

Additionally, the plugin supports 40 languages to cater to a global audience. Its seamless WooCommerce integration also allows you to dynamically create images tailored to your ecommerce site.

Want to optimize content and images for search engines? AI Power can help, too. The plugin is built with SEO tools to ensure your site ranks well on Google.

Another feature we find impressive is the Playground tab where you can experiment and fine-tune AI-generated content. This ensures you get the best output before finalizing your work.

Key Features:

  • Offers advanced image generation with DALL-E and Stable Diffusion
  • Integrates with Pexels and Pixabay, providing users with access to a vast library of images
  • Users can adjust various parameters for image generation
  • Users can generate featured images for their content
  • Playground feature allows users to experiment with various GPT models
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce
  • Supports up to 40 languages


  • You can generate images, content, and forms with customizable options
  • Comes with extensive options for creating digital art
  • Chatbot is trainable based on your content or products


  • Might occasionally generate errors in the output
  • It removes certain characters used for structuring inputs which might affect the chatbot’s output

6) AI Image Pro

Best AI image generator with fine-tuning options

Image 27

If you want to harness DALL-E and Stable Diffusion for generating images, then you should try AI Image Pro.

AI Image Pro offers extensive features, including in-painting capabilities and the creation of image variations. 

We also like the one-click filters and fine-tuning options. Here, you can adjust an image’s brightness, contrast, pixelation, and hue to your heart’s content. This ensures you have full control over the final appearance of our images. 

Additionally, AI Image Pro is compatible with both Gutenberg and Classic Editor. That means you can generate images quickly as you write your content. You can even access the plugin's features right from the front page of your website. 

Overall, the plugin's smooth integration makes it one of the easiest tools to use within the WordPress environment.

Key Features:

  • Uses DALL-E and Stability for generating and editing images
  • Improves low-resolution images with Stability’s image upscaling model
  • Integrates on the frontend using a shortcode
  • Applies various styles and effects to images with a single click
  • Can crop images to adjust size and aspect ratio
  • Offers fine-tuning options for images, such as brightness, contrast, and saturation
  • Keeps a record of image generation and editing history
  • Compatible with both the classic and Gutenberg editors


  • Offers a user credit system
  • You have more control over your generated images
  • Comes with lots of fine-tuning options


  • You’ll need an extended license to resell the service to your clients
  • Needs at least 8GB of RAM to edit high-resolution images

7) AiBud WP

Best for generating featured images for blog posts

Image 28

AiBud WP is an amazing tool for newbie creators who want to automate image generation for their content.

You no longer need to spend hours searching for stock photos. As with all the other AI tools, AiBud can help you produce images that fit your content’s text.

However, image generation might not be its strongest suit. AiBud’s primary function is content generation.  For instance, it offers Bulk Content Builder where you can quickly generate multiple posts or pages in one go.

But still, we find it a great add-on for creating content, particularly if you don’t need a tool with extensive editing features.   

Key Features:

  • Integrates with GPT-4, DaVinci, and DALL-E for content and image generation
  • Intuitive user interface for content and image generation
  • Create logos, realistic sceneries, banners, digital art, and more without the artistic skills
  • Saves generated images directly in WordPress’s media library
  • Produces images based on prompt or context of the content
  • Playground module allows users to experiment with pre-trained models
  • Set different writing styles or tones for creating content
  • Includes a chatbot for performing various tasks based on user requests
  • Comes with WooCommerce product auto-description generator
  • Bulk Content Builder allows users to generate multiple content at once


  • Offers an all-in-one solution for content and image generation
  • Its smart chatbot can provide recommendations or answer queries
  • It generates images directly on your WordPress admin panel


  • Lacks comprehensive image editing features
  • Might require 2-3 attempts to achieve the desired output

8) iList Pro

Best for generating infographics

Image 29

If you’re looking for a plugin that can visualize data, iList Pro is one of the best options. 

Effortlessly generate stylish text, graphics lists, or even animated infographics. It’s a powerful tool that can transform your data into a story. Use it to highlight trends and outliers. Or transform boring lists or numbers into a graphics list or pie chart that your readers will love to interact with.

iList Pro integrates OpenAI ChatGPT for the creation of infographics. These images are produced based on HTML5 standards and are designed to be responsive. It also provides an embed option so that users can share your infographics on their websites.

We honestly find iList a must-have tool if you frequently include data visualizations on your website but do not have the skills or resources to design them yourself.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to create infographics and elegant lists
  • Creates dynamic, HTML, and responsive infographics or texts
  • Comes with over 80 built-in templates
  • Users can upvote a feature
  • Provides an embed option for sharing
  • Includes an iChart feature for generating charts
  • Supports Font Awesome icons


  • User-friendly interface
  • All infographic templates are mobile-friendly
  • Generates infographics that are SEO-compatible


  • There might be a learning curve for those not familiar with creating lists or infographics
  • The free version doesn’t have a visual editor

9) Block Diffusion

Best open-source AI plugin

Image 30

Block Diffusion is a WordPress plugin that uses machine learning to generate unique images based on text prompts. That means anyone can create stunning visuals just by describing them in words. The more detailed the prompt is, the better results you’ll get.

Block Diffusion is designed to integrate with Replicate AI. If you run open-source models via a cloud API, then you can just enter an API token to start generating images.

Another standout feature of the plugin is the ‘Stable Diffusion’ where you can generate photo-realistic images from a text input. You’ll also have options for multiple outputs, image input controls, and prompt suggestions with previews.

Key Features:

  • Uses machine learning to generate unique images
  • Integrates with Replicate AI, allowing users to run open-source models through their cloud API
  • Supports Stable Diffusion, Stable Diffusion v2, Text to Pokémon, and Open Journey
  • Provides multiple outputs for generated images
  • Users can download, copy, or import generated images into the editor
  • Offers prompt suggestions with a preview
  • Offers a semi-interactive demo at block-diffusion.com


  • The plugin is open-source
  • You can generate photo-realistic images with text input
  • The plugin is actively being developed


  • You’ll need an active API token from Replicate to use this plugin
  • One user reports that it doesn’t automatically insert the image into the WordPress editor

Why Use AI Plugins for Generating Images

AI image generators, particularly those designed for WordPress, offer a lot of benefits that are hard to ignore.

We’ve listed some of the compelling reasons below why you might need an AI image generator plugin for your site:

  • Speed: Searching for stock photos can be time-consuming. With AI plugins, you can generate high-quality images for your content in a fraction of the time.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring professional graphic designers can be expensive. AI plugins can offer a more affordable solution, especially for small businesses.
  • Customization options: Many AI plugins provide options to tweak image settings and parameters. This flexibility ensures you have full control over the final output.
  • Scalability: Need hundreds of images in different variations? AI plugins can help you generate multiple images at once.
  • Adaptability: AI plugins are designed to learn and adapt. As they're exposed to more data and feedback, their performance and output quality can also improve.
  • Integration with other tools: Most AI plugins offer seamless integration with other plugins or page builders. This allows you to add AI-generated images as you write your content without switching tabs.


How do I use AI on my WordPress site? 

You can add and use AI to your WordPress site by installing and activating AI plugins, just like you would with any normal plugin. Once activated, follow the plugin's instructions to utilize its AI features. 

Is it illegal to use AI-generated images? 

No, using AI-generated images is not illegal. However, under US law, art or images created by AI cannot receive copyrights

What is the best AI image generator for WordPress?

In this article, we have listed 9 best AI plugins based on their features and ease of use. These are Imajinn, Flusso AI, AI Engine, Elementor AI, AI Power, AI Image Pro, AiBud WP, Image Generator DALL-E OpenAI, and iList Pro

That’s A Wrap!

Generating unique and creative images has never been easier. 

With AI, you can integrate digital art, featured images, infographics, or product images right into your WordPress site with just a prompt. This saves you both time and money. 

Hopefully, our list helps you find the best image generator tool for your WordPress website. 

Make sure to let us know in the comments which AI plugin you’ve decided to try!

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