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Our proprietary plugin database contains over 60,000 plugins from the WordPress Repo, WooCommerce, and hundreds of other professional plugin developers.

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We made the best WordPress Plugin Search, powered by AI.
  • Central Repository Of All Plugins - We took every single plugin available and added it to our central database.
  • Leveraging Leading AI Models - this search uses the same models used in CodeWP for classification and search. Our custom embedding model understands all aspects of WordPress, and returns the best and most relevant results.
  • Search With Natural Language - Instead of hunting for Keywords, our WordPress Plugin search understands the semantic meaning of your query, and responds accordingly.
  • Fine Tune with Filters - Filter based on plugin rating, last updated date, minimum download count, and more to find the best possible plugin for your needs.

All of these features make this WordPress Plugin Search the best, and most powerful option today. And it's 100% free.

We're constantly evolving the tool and it's underlying AI; introducing more useful features and data for WordPress professionals.

New form plugin that sends submissions to discord
Easy way to add a custom user profile image
New native field called "model year" and metabox that gets added to CPT "cars"
Snippet to send new order notifications to Slack
Min/max functionality with support for variations
Dynamic tag that pulls in the current price of BTC from Coinbase
Help make a post submission action for Breakdance Forms
Bulk update all values of field "number_1", multiplying each by 1.2x
New visibility condition for weather types, pulling from OpenWeather API
Shortcode to show Hello Dolly lyrics anywhere

Powered by CodeWP AI Technology

Our intelligent plugin search is powered by the same technology as our CodeWP chat assistant. With advanced WordPress-specific AI models, we help creators build, grow and learn.
Custom action to push userdata to MailerLite API on WSForm submission
Query the 10 most recent posts that contain the word “hello”
Use WPDB to get the 20 most recent WC subscriptions
Natively add a new custom field and metabox for “Dog Breed” to “Dog” CPT
Min/max functionality with support for variations
New widget that is used to show car prices as a ticker
Help make a post submission action for Breakdance Forms
Bulk update all values of field "number_1", multiplying each by 1.2x
Use GFAddOn to make a new addon for Discord notifications
OOP shipment tracking plugin with custom API endpoint
- add a new user role for “viewer” with very limited positions
Add cost of goods sold functionality
Create a new Gutenberg block for a simple callout
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