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Custom AI models trained exclusively for modern WordPress development. Easily generate optimized code snippets and plugins - accurate and up-to-date for the latest WordPress ecosystem.

Accurate Code At The Speed of Light.

Simply describe what you need - CodeWP handles the rest. Our AI generates, edits, and explains code tailored precisely for your WordPress site.

Plugin Modes

Access modes with models trained specifically on Elementor, Gravity Forms, LearnDash and more. Up-to-date, accurate code generations for the tools you use.
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Generation Presets

Hit the ground running with presets designed for Page Builders, Gutenberg Blocks, Dashboard Widgets and more. Choose a mode, select a preset, generate code - and get working solutions.
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Accurate, Modern Generation

CodeWP focuses solely on WordPress, so our AI outputs accurate, optimized code for WordPress 6.4+ as well as WooCommerce and popular plugins.
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Export and Install Generations with Ease

Export as a plugin or use your preferred code manager to copy snippets. Seamless integration.
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What a time saver! I honestly did not think it would be better then just using ChatGPT. Yet, here I am loving it!
Jaime Alnassim
WordPress User
//CodeWP Projects

Site Specific Code Generations

Connect a project to generate code tailored to your site's specifics. CodeWP understands your settings, active plugins, and more.
  • Associated projects tag outputs for easy organization.
  • Upcoming - Direct WordPress integration for automatic server and plugin detection.
  • Upcoming - One-click code pushes from CodeWP to your site.
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//CodeWP Packages

Generate Multiple Files at Once, Ready to Install As A Plugin

Request any code from CodeWP. For outputs needing multiple files, a plugin-ready package is created. Supported types: PHP, CSS, JS, JSON. 

Build full plugins, code groups, and more. CodeWP generates, edits, and explains interconnected packages.
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//External Editing

Bring Existing Code, Easily Edit and Explain It

Paste any code into the CodeWP editor. Our WordPress AI models enable conversational editing and explanations.
//CodeWP Sharing

Share AI Generated Code With Others

Easily share snippets, enhanced by AI generated titles, descriptions, and FAQs.
  • Share privately with users, teams, or publicly via links.
  • AI generates titles, summaries, and helpful FAQs automatically.
  • Dynamic images showcase snippet contents.
//CodeWP Conversational Settings

Fine-Tune Outputs To Your Preferences

Adjust output style, code options, and more to get perfectly tailored code.
  • OOP Mode - create functional or object oriented code.
  • Inline and docblock comments - better understand how the code works.
  • Composer Packages (off by default) - use popular composer packages in your generations.
  • Many more settings available to you!
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Coming Soon

Test AI Generated Code On A Real WordPress Installation

Coming soon - leverage WordPress Playground directly within CodeWP to automatically test generated code for security issues, PHP warnings, and fatal errors.
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Other CodeWP Features


Chat with a WordPress specific AI for learning, research, and more. Leverage modes and projects.
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Automatically solve fatal errors on WordPress with AI. Coming soon.
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Scan your site with AI. Coming soon.
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Do anything in WordPress, automatically. Coming 2024.
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New form plugin that sends submissions to discord
Easy way to add a custom user profile image
New native field called "model year" and metabox that gets added to CPT "cars"
Snippet to send new order notifications to Slack
Min/max functionality with support for variations
Dynamic tag that pulls in the current price of BTC from Coinbase
Help make a post submission action for Breakdance Forms
Bulk update all values of field "number_1", multiplying each by 1.2x
New visibility condition for weather types, pulling from OpenWeather API
Shortcode to show Hello Dolly lyrics anywhere
Custom action to push userdata to MailerLite API on WSForm submission
Query the 10 most recent posts that contain the word “hello”
Use WPDB to get the 20 most recent WC subscriptions
Natively add a new custom field and metabox for “Dog Breed” to “Dog” CPT
Min/max functionality with support for variations
New widget that is used to show car prices as a ticker
Help make a post submission action for Breakdance Forms
Bulk update all values of field "number_1", multiplying each by 1.2x
Use GFAddOn to make a new addon for Discord notifications
OOP shipment tracking plugin with custom API endpoint
- add a new user role for “viewer” with very limited positions
Add cost of goods sold functionality
Create a new Gutenberg block for a simple callout
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