WooCommerce PHP

WooCommerce specific mode for better, more accurate outputs.

The WooCommerce AI Mode is a dedicated tool for creating custom solutions for WooCommerce-based websites. This mode allows website administrators and developers to take advantage of the unique features of the WooCommerce platform, such as product tags, categories, and stock status to create custom solutions. With this mode, users can create custom solutions such as dynamic pricing based on product attributes, custom checkout fields, or inventory management.

This mode also allows to customize email notifications, create custom reports, and automate various e-commerce tasks such as updating product stock, or setting up automatic discounts.

Furthermore, the WooCommerce AI Mode allows users to replace many paid plugins with custom snippets generated by the CodeWP AI, this can help save money and reduce plugin bloat on the website. The mode can generate code for various tasks such as adding custom fields to product pages, creating custom product attributes, or integrating with external services like shipping providers or payment gateways. This allows users to create custom solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements, without the need for expensive third-party plugins.

How To Use

First, enter your prompt and create a generation in the editor.

Prompt Examples

Prompt//: Add custom field to the checkout page that captures the customer's preferred delivery date
Prompt//: Create custom product attribute that displays the product's country of origin
Prompt//: Set up automatic inventory management for products that are low on stock
Prompt//: Create custom report that shows the most popular products by category
Prompt//: Integrate the store with a specific shipping provider and automate the shipping process

Did you know?

You can easily use any one of these prompt examples in the Code Creator by clicking the "random prompt" icon in the lower right corner of the prompt input.
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