Redirection Regex

Create complex Regex for redirections plugins.

The Regex Redirects AI Mode is a powerful tool for creating custom redirects using regular expressions. This mode allows users to create redirects based on complex patterns in the URL, rather than just simple exact matches.

With this mode, users can create redirects that dynamically capture and reuse parts of the original URL in the destination URL, allowing for more flexibility and precision in redirects. Some examples of custom redirects that can be created using this mode include redirecting all pages under a certain category to a new URL, redirecting all URLs with a specific query string parameter to a new location, or redirecting all URLs that match a certain pattern to a new location.

This mode also allows to redirect by using regex pattern and to set up redirects for 404 pages and custom redirects for specific pages.

This mode is particularly useful for website administrators and developers who need to manage large numbers of redirects, and want to automate the process as much as possible.

How To Use

First, enter your prompt and create a generation in the editor.

Snippet Examples

Source: ^(.*)dark(.*)$
Target: $1purple$2/new/
Source: ^/oldcat/(.*)
Target: /newcat/$1?replaced=true

Prompt Examples

Prompt//: Redirect all URLs starting with /category/ to /books-category
Prompt//: Redirect all URLs with query string parameter "source=social" to /promotions
Prompt//: Redirect all URLs matching pattern /blog/[year]/[month]/[day]/[post-name]/ to /new-blog/[year]/[month]/[day]/[post-name]/
Prompt//: Redirect all 404 pages to homepage

Did you know?

You can easily use any one of these prompt examples in the Code Creator by clicking the "random prompt" icon in the lower right corner of the prompt input.
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