Oxygen Builder Conditions

Dynamic PHP visibility conditions to extend Oxygen's built in options.

From the Oxygen Builder website, end-users who wish to create a custom Element Display Condition with PHP are advised to use the Custom PHP condition built-in to Oxygen Builder. This AI mode is trained on dozens of working Oxygen Builder Conditions, and will create a completely new condition from a simple prompt.

Even better, it incorporates all of the knowledge and training of our general WordPress (and several other) modes, so it can create conditions from Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Gravity Forms, and core WordPress functions (like is_page() or is_single()). Use this mode to build out advanced conditions for Oxygen Builder Elements.

A few examples of custom conditions created with PHP are displaying a post based on a certain custom taxonomy, limiting the display of an Element based on a certain Gravity Form field, or outputting content conditionally.

How To Use

First, enter your prompt and create a generation in the editor.

Prompt Examples

Prompt//: Check if it's a day of the week
Prompt//: Check Polylang conditions
Prompt//: Check if it's within a time range

Did you know?

You can easily use any one of these prompt examples in the Code Creator by clicking the "random prompt" icon in the lower right corner of the prompt input.
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