Introducing A New CodeWP AI Mode for Carbon Fields

By James LePage, CodeWP Founder
January 10, 2023

Carbon Fields is a developer friendly custom fields framework for WordPress. It's truly for professional users... it's installed via Composer, fields are registered with PHP, there's a JS API and more.

It's also free, powerful, and easy to use if you know how to code.

This new AI mode helps quickly generate the code needed to register fields, theme options, and even Gutenberg blocks.

You can swap into the mode by clicking the mode select button in WordPress, then Carbon Fields PHP.

Enter your prompt. In this case I'll make a new container with some nested repeaters.

Here's the code.

Keep in mind, this mode is definitely intended for developers. It'll help create code from text using our AI, but you'll need to know how to properly implement it.

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