CodeWP Launches Firefox Extension For WordPress AI Code Snippet Generator

By James LePage, CodeWP Founder
December 20, 2022

We're excited to announce the launch of our Firefox Extension for CodeWP. This simple extension allows you to open the platform and generate WordPress code using AI directly from your Firefox Devtools.

How It Works

This extension has been used by an alpha cohort for some time now, and all report major benefits from the feature. It's incredibly user friendly, and makes it easy to quickly create WordPress code from your Devtools.

The intended use case is for CodeWP to be 2 clicks away from any WordPress project. We've seen many of our uses leverage to extension to improve their workflow in 2 ways:

CodeWP next to your Code Snippets plugin

You can generate code directly next to any of the popular code snippets plugins and copy/paste it directly into a new snippet. You'll be able to iterate and install in seconds using the new Firefox extension.

CodeWP next to the WordPress codex or other plugin documentation

If you're researching a complex aspect of WordPress, or a plugin like ACF, you can quickly toggle CodeWP. Not only can you use it to generate a snippet using a specific function, but you can also ask the general modes to give you code commented examples of the usage of a specific function in a real world code snippet!

The process of getting started is quick and simple. All you have to do is install the extension in Firefox Devtools, open the platform, and begin generating WordPress code with our AI modes. You'll also be able to keep track of code you have created using the extension, making it easier to manage and maintain.

How To Install

First, head over to the Firefox Extensions marketplace, and search for CodeWP. You can also open about:addons in your browser, and search for CodeWP there.

Direct link 👉

Click the blue "Add to Firefox" button.

Then click "add" in the browser popup.

Now, refresh the tab that you want to use CodeWP on, and click key F12 (or Option + Command + I) to open your developer tools.

Once open, click the >> icon on the Devtools panel menu, then click "CodeWP Generator", which opens the panel.

If you're not logged in, you'll be prompted to login using oAuth or your password. If you are logged in within the Firefox browser, the extension will inherit that login session, and automatically load the generation page.

Once logged in, you can generate as you typically do.

And if the generation looks good, you can quickly copy/paste it into your scripts management plugin, and begin testing!

All generations, snippets and favorites are also reflected in the Your Snippets part of your account, so you can use features like Social Sharing and more.

What's Next?

Our Chrome extension is on the way. When released, we'll cover the two most popular developer browsers, and begin improving the extensions over time.

Our extensions will be an integral part of CodeWP usage. In the future, they'll be extended to integrate directly in the Code Editors for popular snippet plugins, allowing prompting and generation directly in your WordPress projects. This supports our mission of being a plugin agnostic WordPress AI code generation platform, while still allowing for deep integration into your favorite products and tools.

Our Extensions also support inserting/importing snippets and other advanced features. Any other ideas? Be sure to add them to our feature requests found at:

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